BQC01 TJBQ 09:30 MDST 11:00 L W V DC3
BQC02 MDST 13:00 TJBQ 14:30 L W V DC3
BQC03 TJBQ 09:00 MBPV 11:15 L W V C208
BQC04 MBPV 13:00 TJBQ 15:15 L W V C208
BQC05 TJBQ 10:00 TAPA 11:20 L W V DHC8
BQC06 TAPA 13:00 TJBQ 14:20 L W V DHC8
BQC11 TJBQ 09:00 TNCM 10:35 M J S C208
BQC12 TNCM 12:30 TJBQ 14:05 M J S C208
BQC13 TJBQ 08:00 MKJS 11:00 M J S DHC8
BQC14 MKJS 14:00 TJBQ 19:00 M J S DHC8
BQC15 TJBQ 09:30 TIST 10:30 M J S DC3
BQC16 TIST 14:00 TJBQ 15:00 M J S DC3
BQC31 TJBQ 06:00 SVMI 08:00 D DHC8
BQC32 SVMI 14:00 TJBQ 16:00 D DHC8
BQC33 TJBQ 8:00 SKBQ 10:30 D L049
BQC33 SKBQ 15:00 TJBQ 19:30 D L049

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